The Vincent Black Shadow To Play The Bourbon

the aforementioned Straight cover

It’s be awhile since The Vincent Black Shadow left us. You may recall these Vancouver steady musicians from their stint out conquering the world, playing Warped Tour and touring Europe, being on the cover of The Straight, independently releasing El Monstruo. And it looked as though TVBS may have call it quits with then lead singer Cassandra Ford heading back to school, bass player Nim Vind releasing his second solo album The Stillness Illness with brother Tony and the last of hustling Kirkhams, Robbie, off to join the professional world of being an adult.

But thankfully that was all just a phase because The Vincent Black Shadow are back and headlining The Bourbon on Friday August 6th. Mark your calendar kids. This is good news to anyone in this city who’s been looking for a quirky rock n roll good time. Of course with a few years gone by the band has done a little evolving. TVBS will be debuting their brand new lead singer, Nikki Hurst. Some of you Vancouverites may recall Nikki from fronting her successful outfit, the Nikki Hurst Band and also fun trivia, formerly the keyboard player for The Vincent Black Shadow, back in the day. It’s funny how these things come around like that.

You can get your tickets in advance by clicking here, scrolling down some on Nikki’s page and clicking on the PayPal icon.

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